Processing of personal data

Personal data are stored only for a justified reason. As a rule, the data are needed for implementing services and for communication. The use of the services is voluntary, and the personal data provided are not processed for purposes other than those indicated. For example in subscription services, subscribers are requested to give their email address so that messages can be sent to them. For comments on blogs, users are requested to give both their email address and a name that will be shown on the website next to the comment. 

The personal data included in the registers have been grouped for each service at the end of this page.

The data are processed by the persons maintaining the contents of the service at ministries, as well as by cooperation partners and their subcontractors who produce the service. The Ministry has agreed on the processing of personal data with these bodies in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The data are not disclosed outside the service, to other systems or to third parties. The data are not transferred or disclosed outside the EU or EEA.

The data are kept in the service for the duration of their life cycle, or until the person himself or herself asks the Ministry in writing to erase the data, or when the subscriber personally cancels the subscription by using the link in an email message.

Service users’ rights

As a user of services, you have the right, among other things, to know what data we store about you and who processes your data. In addition, you can check the data we have collected on you and update them, if necessary. You can have your data erased from our systems, or you can restrict their processing.

Right to check your own data
Upon request, you can have access to your personal data stored in the services by sending an information request to the Ministry’s registry: registry.mmm(a)
Request for personal data

Rectifying or supplementing the data
If you notice shortcomings or errors in your data, you can ask that they be corrected. In such a case, we ask you to tell us what information is incorrect and why and how the information should be changed, or to tell us what information should be supplemented and how.

Restriction of processing
If you have indicated that your data are incorrect, you have the right to request that their processing be restricted until the accuracy of the data is verified.

Withdrawal of consent for the use of data
You can ask the Ministry in writing to delete your data from the service. You can delete your subscription data yourself whenever you want by cancelling the subscription at the link included in every email message sent.

Appeal or complaint concerning the processing of personal data
Whenever necessary, you can lodge an appeal or a complaint about the processing of your data to the Data Protection Ombudsman.

If you need more information about the processing of your personal data at the Ministry, please contact the Ministry's Data Protection Officer.

Data that you have provided yourself

Data that you have provided yourself
Service Data stored

Subscription to press releases and
other material on current issues

email address

Comments on blogs

email address

Use of media service

email address
first and last name
date of birth
postal address
ID card and its number
mobile phone number
job or title
the medium and its contact information

Media passes to press conferences

email address
first and last name
date of birth
mobile phone number
job and/or job description
the medium and its contact information
contact person's name

Cloudia tendering service

Name of contact person
Address of contact person
Occupation or title of contact person
name of user
telephone number of user
email address of user

M2 travel management service

name of passenger
email address
street address
social security number
bank account number
cost pool

Security clearance and
access rights management system

date of birth
telephone number

Prettylib library system

date of birth
email address
statistical unit

Government online bookstore

delivery address
billing information (if any)

Information management systems


Government camera surveillance system



When you are in contact with us, we also collect the following information

  • Data that you have given to us when you have participated in events.
  • Feedback and letters you have sent, requests for documents or information, and any other contacts you have made.

​We do not collect data that would allow individual visitors to be identified. We only collect general statistical data on how the webpages are used. Such data includes pages viewed, time, IP address, web browser and operating system. This information is then used for developing our web services.