Nordic cooperation

There is a great deal of Nordic cooperation concerning game husbandry and hunting.

The Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers are responsible for the official Nordic cooperation. The North Calotte Council is a permanent cooperation body between Finland, Sweden and Norway. Its task is to increase collaboration in the North Calotte region within regional and employment policy and other fields that affect employment in the area.

Since 2000, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has participated in joint meetings with the Swedish and Norwegian authorities responsible for matters concerning large carnivores. In the meetings, the authorities discuss current matters and on-going projects. Moreover, a Nordic coordination group has been established for large carnivore research. The purpose of the group is to coordinate Nordic research activities focusing on large carnivores. The group members represent Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian authorities and other key operators funding research activities.

Nordic Council for Wildlife Research, NKV

The Nordic Council for Wildlife Research (Nordisk Kollegium for Viltforskning, NKV) is a Nordic cooperation body. Its aim is to promote game research in the Nordic countries, focusing particularly on continuously improving the quality and quantity of research and distribution of information. The Council runs and publishes the international scientific journal Wildlife Biology.

Nordic raccoon dog project

The primary aim of the raccoon dog project is to prevent the species from spreading and becoming established in Scandinavia. In the area, raccoon dog is an alien species, causing significant ecological damage to the native fauna.


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