Importing animal by-products from non-EU countries


Import requirements 

Animal by-products and derived products are products from animal origin which are not used for human consumption. Examples of such products are e.g. animal hides and skins, hunting trophies, wool, feather, organic fertilizers and soil improvements and animal based feed. Import of animal by-products means import into the European Union (EU) from countries outside of the EU ("third countries"). However, when importing from countries which have an agreement with the EU, such as Norway and Switzerland, the import in question is handled as trade in the inner market of the EU, not as an import from third countries. 

Animal by-products and derived products are regulated in the EU by the animal by-products regulation (Regulation 1069/2009) as well as the implementing regulation (Regulation 142/2011). Import requirements for animal by-products and derived products are mostly harmonized in the EU meaning that the same import requirements apply when importing to which ever EU country. Some import requirements are however national, e.g. import of research samples and samples for commercial and diagnostic use.

Information concerning third country import requirements as well as the official control at the border can be asked from the Finnish Food Authority.  

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Import of animals and animal products from non-EU countries (Finnish Food Authority)




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