Climate change affects cultivation conditions all over the world. All farmers must adapt to changing conditions to secure food production.

Climate change will cause major changes in Finnish agriculture. The changes will both promote and hamper production. According to forecasts based on current climate models, the changes in the Finnish climate will mainly have a positive impact on agriculture. For example, the growing season will become longer, enabling the cultivation of new plant varieties. At the same time, increased precipitation may also increase nutrient flows, which have a negative impact on water bodies.

Agriculture accounts for approximately 20% of Finland’s total emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions occur as a result of fertilisation, livestock farming and the clearing of peatland. The opportunities to cut emissions without reducing food production are limited. On the other hand, there is great potential for replacing fossil fuels with bioenergy and decentralised production methods based on renewable energy sources.

As the climate continues to change, we will constantly need to take more efficient measures to adapt to climate change and to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts open up new opportunities for the food system. However, seizing those opportunities requires active action. A more sustainable food system is also more productive.

Climate Programme promotes the sustainability of the Finnish food system

To address the challenges of climate change, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has prepared a climate programme that aims to further enhance the sustainability of the Finnish food system. The programme also promotes and improves the energy and material efficiency of agriculture and the entire food system. The sustainability of the Finnish food system is founded on profitable food production. Therefore, the climate programme also provides more tools for increasing productivity and profitability.                           

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