Developing the Finnish food chain

Each year, funds for developing the Finnish food chain are used to provide grants for extensive national projects. The projects aim to develop the food chain, promote and raise awareness of agricultural products and transfer knowledge. 

The Agency for Rural Affairs (Mavi) is the authority responsible for grant applications and granting, paying and monitoring the funding. Each year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry gives Mavi guidelines on using the appropriations for developing the food chain and an estimate of the resources available in the following year.

The guidelines include the grant priorities that are based on the strategy of the Ministry’s administrative branch, the Food Policy Report, the Food Safety Report, the Government development programme for the organic product sector and the Government Programme on Local Food.

A project coordination team set up by the Ministry determines more detailed priorities for discussion in the sub-committee responsible for food chain communication and development activities. Projects that have received grants have concerned, for example, responsibility and tracking schemes, young people and food, appreciation of food and its makers, and consumers’ responsible food choices.

Mavi organises a project application process each year in early autumn. The project coordination team processes the applications, and Mavi draws up a proposal on the use of the appropriations for the Ministry. After the Ministry’s approval, Mavi makes the grant decisions.

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Further information

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