Climate change adaptation

The climate is warming in spite of the mitigation efforts, and there is no way to fully prevent climate change. Because of the warming climate and increasingly common extreme weather events and hydrological conditions, both the natural environment and societies are faced with exceptionally rapid changes.

We must prepare for and be able to adapt to the unavoidable consequences of climate change, such as increased flooding. Adaptation measures are aimed to prepare for the changing climate in all sectors of the society. Taking the adaptation measures at the earliest stage possible is the most cost-efficient way to act.

National Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2022

The aim of the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan is that the Finnish society has the capacity to adapt to changes in the climate and manage the risks associated with them. The plan was adopted as a Government Resolution on 20 November 2014. 

The measures introduced by the plan help to mitigate the adverse consequences of climate change, including those to human safety and living conditions, natural environment, livelihoods and functions vital to society. The aim is also to benefit from the opportunities in terms of livelihoods and business created by the adaptation measures. 

The key principle of the adaptation plan concerns the incorporation of climate change adaptation into the regular planning, implementation and development of all sectors and actions. The implementation of the plan is coordinated by the national monitoring group on climate change adaptation. 

Adaptation and Climate Change Act 

The National Climate Change Adaptation Plan is part of the planning system for climate change policy under the Climate Change Act. 

The Government adopts the adaptation plan at least once every ten years. The plan contains a risk and vulnerability assessment and sector-specific action programmes for adaptation, as considered necessary. 

A report on the implementation, adequacy and effectiveness of the adaptation measures is to be submitted at least once in every electoral term as part of the climate change report. 

Adaptation Strategy of the EU 

The EU Adaptation Strategy (2013) aims for better preparedness at the Community level, increased opportunities to respond to the impacts of climate change at all administrative levels and better coordination. 

The EU strategy emphasises the role of the national adaptation strategies and integrating adaptation in all relevant policies at all levels. Responses to the impacts of climate change have also been incorporated into the common EU policies, including the common agricultural policy, guidelines for the transport sector, Water Framework Directive and Floods Directive. 




Finland´s National Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2022

Climate Change Act