National Forest Strategy 2025

Finland’s National Forest Strategy, adopted by the Government in February 2015, specifies the main objectives for forest-based business and activities until 2025. The strategy is founded on the Government Report on Forest Policy and the Parliamentary opinion on it. Other important background documents are the Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy and the National Biodiversity Strategy, for example.

National Forest Strategy aims for growth, investments and jobs

The vision and objectives of the strategy derive from the Forest Policy Report. The vision is "Sustainable forest management is a source of growing welfare". The three strategic objectives to make the vision come true are: 1) Finland is a competitive operating environment for forest-based business, 2) Forest-based business and activities and their structures are renewed and diversified and 3) Forests are in active, economically, ecologically and socially sustainable, and diverse use.

The strategy is implemented by a total of eleven projects. Those to be considered as the spearhead projects include the development of electronic information and customer services for private forest owners and creating new incentive schemes for promoting entry of timber to the market. The spearhead projects include also development of nature management in commercial forests.

The Forest Council follows the implementation of National Forest Strategy. A great variety of stakeholders, Government ministries, forest administration, research and education, forest owners, forest industry, energy sector, environmental organisations, employer organisations and entrepreneurs as well as youth and leisure-time organisations, are represented in the Forest Council.

The Forest council has approved the development of the projects and the strategy update. The update process will be completed by the end of 2018. The project portfolio will be prepared in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, researchers and forestry stakeholders.

The National Forest Strategy is also implemented through Regional Forest Programmes,  where the special regional characteristics are duly taken into account.

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