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Climate resilience of the land use sector promoted on the basis of scientific knowledge – new calls for applications open in October

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Publication date 10.9.2021 8.09
Press release
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On 6 October, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will open a new call for applications concerning funding to be targeted to research, innovation and development projects under the Catch the Carbon package of climate measures. About EUR 13 million in funding is available for the new projects. The calls for applications will be open until 4 November 2021.

The projects will supplement the Catch the Carbon package launched in 2020 as part of the additional measures for the land use sector under the Government Programme. The aim is to achieve an annual emission reduction of at least three million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2035. The projects to be funded should promote carbon sequestration and storage in agriculture and forestry, reduce emissions from the land use sector and support adaptation to climate change and its impacts.

New development projects to support local climate work

The development projects should be close to practice and they should focus especially on promoting local climate work. About EUR 8 million in funding is available for the development projects.

The possible themes include promoting the introduction of climate resilient farming and forest management methods that support adaptation and a just transition. The projects may also concern ways to prevent forest loss and clearing of peaty soils, or developing and piloting new uses for lands released from peat production, wetland cultivation and catchment-level operating models for water economy. The aim in this call for applications concerning development projects is also to fund experiments in carbon markets and promote the development of sequestration factors for greenhouse gases using different cultivation methods and soil types.

The call for applications is hoped to courage local and regional cooperation. Funding may be granted to different kinds of operators, including universities, municipalities, counties, Metsähallitus, advisory organisations, educational institutions, reindeer herding cooperatives, parishes, research organisations, government agencies, associations and private companies.

“This is an exceptionally good opportunity to focus on practical climate measures in the regions. The aim is to strengthen the climate resilience of agriculture and forestry, which will also enhance the viability of regions and their opportunities to promote local expertise, and the dissemination of good practices,” says Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Jari Leppä.

“I hope that this call for applications will encourage a broad spectrum of actors to find practical solutions to questions that are now being discussed regarding agriculture and forestry.”

Research and innovation programme focused on young researchers

A supplementary call for applications under the Catch the Carbon research and innovation programme will also be opened in October. About EUR 5 million in funding is available for the research. The aim of the research and innovation programme is to produce new research information that anticipates changes in the operating environment and proposals for solutions that will promote climate action in the land use sector and the sustainable use of renewable natural resources. The projects should also take into account the impacts on biodiversity, waters and food security.

“The aim of the research and innovation programme is to further strengthen research and renewal in the sector. This is why a particular focus is on supporting researchers who are in the early stages of their scientific career. What we can offer them is further education, especially on the impact of research, and opportunities for networking,” says Marjaana Suorsa, Programme Manager of the research and innovation programme.

In connection with the calls for applications in October, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry aims to also open the first call for applications for projects promoting environmental sustainability and nature-based solutions as well as climate resilient measures in the land use sector related to the Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland (RRF). This call for applications is still under preparation, but the idea is to offer a total of EUR 7 million in funding for projects that will promote climate resilient forestry.

The calls for applications under the research and development programme and concerning development projects will be presented in a webinar on 7 October at 9.00–10.30. The schedule for the call for applications under the RRF, the calls for applications and an invitation to the webinar will be published on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry during September.


  • Marjaana Suorsa, Research Programme Manager, tel. +358 50 352 7506,

  • Anna Salminen, Chief Specialist, tel. +358 50 358 8793,

  • Teppo Säkkinen, Special Adviser to the Minister, tel. +358 50 516 2868,

The aim of the Catch the Carbon package of climate measures coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is to strengthen the competence and knowledge base related to climate work in the land use sector and support agricultural producers, forest owners and other parties who make land use decisions in developing and introducing climate resilient practices. Read more about the package at

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