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The first Finnish establishment included in the list of pork exporters in China

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
12.10.2016 12.00 | Published in English on 12.10.2016 at 14.24
Press release

The Finnish efforts to promote pork exports on the Chinese markets took a decisive step. The Chinese authority that inspects companies aiming for the Chinese markets declared that it has included the Finnish company Atria in its public list. The listing means that Atria has now been approved as an exporter on the Chinese market. The approval is yet to be confirmed by the Chinese authority.

Minister of Agriculture and the Environment Kimmo Tiilikainen considers this as a very important decision.

- This is by far the best news for the Finnish meat production for a long time. The producer price for Finnish pigmeat is the lowest within the EU. It gives the much needed faith in the future to our pigmeat producers. It is an important step in the Government effort to find new export markets to Finnish foodstuffs and, through this, to improve the food trade balance, says Minister Tiilikainen.

Permanent Secretary Jaana Husu-Kallio who negotiated on the matter with the Chinese authorities on several occasions points out that the decision is based on the good, long-term cooperation between the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Chinese authorities. The high level of expertise at Evira and the additional resources allocated to its work also contributed to the decision in a significant way.

- In the future we will have even more and closer cooperation with China, which will allow us to promote exports in other sectors as well. Exports will also be boosted by other types of collaboration between the authorities, including the introduction of electronic export certificates, says Husu-Kallio.

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