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Forests, water and food discussed at the South Savo bioeconomy forum

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Publication date 13.10.2020 15.24 | Published in English on 15.10.2020 at 11.45
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The series of regional bioeconomy forums organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment started in September 2020. On Tuesday 6 October, a regional forum was held for South Savo. The forums are open to all, and they are part of the ongoing process to update the Biodiversity Strategy.

At the South Savo bioeconomy forum local experts presented the particular strengths of the region. The key strategic priorities of the region are forests, water and food. The strengths of South Savo include the clean and safe environment and unique nature and wildlife. The strengths of Lake Saimaa as an important area for tourism and holiday homes can be further developed. The area under organic farming keeps growing and the region is among the pioneers in organic production in Finland. The region also offers education and training and has centres of expertise in the bioeconomy sector, such as the Finnish Organic Research Institute, EcoSairila Business Park, and wood fibre laboratory of the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Xamk.

The workshops discussed means to further enhance the value of the bioeconomy in the region and measures to implement the Bioeconomy Strategy. The topics raised included the development of sustainable transport and infrastructure, advice and support for entrepreneurs, utilisation of nature tourism, coordination of nature conservation, and diverse use of wood and forests. It was also considered important to enhance the visibility of the bioeconomy through communication and marketing. Use this link to view the slides presented at the event (in Finnish).

Bioeconomy forums in autumn 2020

The objective of the updated Bioeconomy Strategy is that the Finnish bioeconomy will create new products and services that drive economic growth and employment while promoting the transition to a carbon neutral society. Another aim is to promote the circular economy as part of the bioeconomy. The bioeconomy forums are hoped to bring forth the views of different stakeholders on the potential success factors associated with the bioeconomy from the perspective of the regions and how we could boost their development.

The bioeconomy forum for North Karelia will be organised on 6 November 2020. Use this link to register to the event.

Besides South Savo and North Karelia, during the autumn there will be similar events for Central Finland, Lapland and Southwest Finland. A joint event will be organised for stakeholders in the Päijät-Häme and South Karelia regions. On 30 September 2020 a regional bioeconomy forum was held for Central Ostrobothnia.

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