EU agriculture ministers to discuss soil management and use of pesticides

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 2.11.2017 17.31 | Published in English on 3.11.2017 at 13.35
Press release

Finland considers that the best way to promote the sustainable use of agricultural lands is through flexible measures under the common agricultural policy that take account of the local conditions. The most efficient way to control the risks associated with pesticides is through farmers’ expert know-how and training.

The European Union Agriculture and Fisheries Council meets in Brussels on 6 November to talk about sustainable soil management as part of the common agricultural policy. The Finnish representative at the meeting is Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Jari Leppä.

The Finnish view is that the best way to promote the sustainable use of agricultural land is through the common agricultural policy, and no other special legislation should be created for this purpose. Finland considers that the common agricultural policy should be flexible enough to allow each Member State to choose the means for sustainable soil management that are suited to the local conditions and needs.

The Council will hear a presentation by the European Commission on the national action plans for the sustainable use of pesticides, aimed to reduce the risks involved in the use of pesticides. In the Finnish view the best way to meet the objective is through information, training and advice. A skilled and well-trained user of pesticides is in the best position to find the right and sustainable solutions to the challenges relating to the use of pesticides.

The Commission will also give a presentation on the state of play of international trade-related agricultural issues. The quite many trade negotiations the EU has currently under way have impacts on the trends in food exports and increased import competition. 

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