Development of the food chain

The Finnish food chain provides the consumers with a broad range of safe, high-quality products and services. The food chain comprises the food sector as a whole. Producers, industry, trade, food services, consumers, advisory services and administration all together make Finland one of the strong, top-quality countries in food issues and culinary cultures. Activities of the food chain are being developed in good collaboration among the actors in a way that is customer-driven, seeks to improve competitiveness, and undertakes new measures to further improve the reliability of the chain.

The objectives in developing the food chain are to:

  • raise the competitiveness of the food chain
  • secure sustainable food production and responsible food consumption
  • raise the appreciation of food and its makers
  • promote food culture and education
  • develop national quality systems
  • increase cooperation throughout the chain

The appropriation is used to support measures under the development programmes for the organic and local food sectors and the achievement of the objectives for these sectors until 2020 set by a Government Resolution.



Further information

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