Flagship projects in EUSBSR 

Baltic Slurry Acidification aims to promote the implementation of slurry acidification techniques throughout the Baltic Sea Region. Slurry acidification techniques (SATs) will reduce the ammonia losses from livestock manure and thus reduce airborne eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. The usage of SATs will provide clear environmental benefit for the region. The use of SATs benefits also farmers by increasing the nitrogen use efficiency of their manure fertilizers and thereby decreasing their dependency on mineral nitrogen. (Source: 

  • Flow Baltic gathers together projects relating  agricultural water and nutrient management. One of these projects is: 

The project NUTRINFLOW aims at reducing nutrient losses from agriculture to the immediate watershed and into the Baltic Sea.The idea is to take practical actions for holistic drainage management for reduced nutrient inflow to the sea. This is done by implementing, demonstrating and increasing the recognition of innovative water management measures in agricultural areas. (Source: 

Completed projects

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