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Johanna Buchert to continue as President of Natural Resources Institute Finland

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Publication date 31.8.2023 13.28
Press release
Johanna Buchert.
Photo: The Natural Resources Institute Finland

The Government has appointed Johanna Buchert, Doctor of Technology, to continue as President and CEO of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) for the term 10 September 2023 – 9 September 2028. Buchert has served as President of the Institute since 2018. A total of 12 persons applied for the post by the deadline of 24 July 2023.

The Natural Resources Institute Finland operates within the administrative branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The President is responsible for the operations and competitiveness of the Institute, strengthening its international activities and improving the impact of its operations. 

The Natural Resources Institute is a research and experts organisation that builds wellbeing and a sustainable future from renewable natural resources. The Institute produces knowledge-based solutions and services and added value for sustainable and competitive economic activities based on renewable natural resources and supports societal decision-making related to natural resources and the natural resources sector. With about 1,300 experts in different locations across of Finland, the Institute’s operations cover the whole country. The main office is in Helsinki.

“I am very happy to continue as President of the Natural Resources Institute. Our work is extremely important as we try to find solutions to global and national challenges. The main tasks are to produce solutions relating to sustainable primary production through research and our role as a public authority, and to strengthen the profitability and competitiveness of economic activities based on renewable natural resources. We want to further enhance the international impact of our research and strengthen our role especially in the scientific community of the EU,” Buchert says.

Jaana Husu-Kallio, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, tel. +358 400 291 910
Johanna Buchert, President and CEO, Natural Resources Institute Finland, tel. +358 295 326 663, johanna.buchert(at)