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Travel around the world with fish

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Publication date 12.2.2019 9.28
News item
Pro Kala ry

Does the French classic bouillabaisse make your mouth water, or would you prefer a spicy Asian-style fish soup? National Fish Soup Day brings Finns to the table to enjoy this delicious, versatile dish. This year, National Fish Soup Day takes us on a culinary journey with the theme of “Fish soup from the cuisines of the world".

Every culture has its own version of fish soup. Fish soup is a versatile dish that is also healthy and nutritious. Fish is an important source of a variety of nutrients, including vitamin D, unsaturated fats and protein. The goal of National Fish Soup Day, launched by the Pro Fish Association, is to inspire all of Finland to enjoy the dish and to increase people’s awareness of different fish soups and how to make them.

The first National Fish Soup Day was held in 2018. A large group of companies, associations and organisations are participating in this anticipated theme day of the Finnish culinary year. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has also cast its net into the water and is participating in the theme day.

“Launching National Fish Soup Day is part of the fish industry marketing programme, which aims to increase consumption of sustainable fish products, support cooperation between operators in the fish industry and boost exports of fish products. The project has received funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. People are eating more and more fish, and the national day highlights this appreciation”, says Specialist Heta Ratasvuori from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

National Fish Soup Day is celebrated on the second Tuesday of February.

Each year, in honour of the day, the Finnish Gastronomy Society also selects the best fish soup restaurant in Finland. You can nominate your favourite fish soups at The Pro Fish Association says they received a huge number of suggestions, with votes cast for more than 300 different restaurants. The jury's favourite this year was the bouillabaisse at Isä Camillo restaurant in Kuopio.

Participate by sharing your delicious fish dish on social media

Dive into the wonderful world of fish soup and participate in your own way – enjoy fish soup prepared by someone else or cook some up yourself! You can also participate on social media by sharing photos of fish soup and your tasty moments with the hashtag #fishsoupday.