The Renewable Nature of Finland – A World of Opportunity

Many of the things we now take for granted are actually unique. In the future, clean food and water will be among the most vital resources for all of us and for the whole world, and our survival will depend on the sustainable use of renewable resources in all their forms.

We in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry are working to create a Finland capable of renewal and development – we are building a renewable and sustainable food system and natural resources economy, along with an innovative geographical information system. We believe in the sustainable use of renewable natural resources and in exploring new possibilities for food production. A responsible food system, a sustainable bioeconomy and circular economy and reliable data resources are important for everyone. They also create significant opportunities for ensuring our competitiveness and the vitality of our rural areas.

Agriculture and forestry will continue to be the main priorities of our work. At the same time, we work to promote the health and welfare of people, plants and animals. We also work extensively to ensure the sustainable use of water, fish, game and other renewable natural resources. We are looking for solutions to the most important questions for Finland and all of humanity. The bioeconomy, circular economy, land use and sustainable use of natural resources are now and will continue to be the focus of our activities in the future. More than just problems to be solved, these questions also present great opportunities for advancing sustainable development goals.