International evaluation: Finland among world leaders in geospatial research 

10.2.2023 12.15
A group of international experts that evaluated the quality and impact of research at the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI of the National Land Survey considers these as excellent. The evaluation report was published today, on 10 February 2023. 

Voluntary forest protection popular among forest owners – record funding for fixed-term environmental forestry subsidy agreements

7.2.2023 14.08
Polkujuoksua kesäisessä metsässä
Kuva: Mikael Ahlfors
Last year the Finns designated about 4,700 hectares of forest for permanent protection under the Forest Biodiversity Programme for Southern Finland METSO. About 90 hectares were protected for 20 years. The aim of the METSO Programme is to establish 96,000 hectares of new protected areas by 2025. This year there is a record amount of funding available for environmental forestry subsidy agreements.

Permit to export Finnish pork products to South Africa

18.1.2023 14.26
South Africa has approved the import of Finnish heated pork products to its market. The export permit for heated pork products enables the export of products such as sausages and cold cuts made from pork. Export to South Africa can be started immediately.

Government proposal to ban salmon fishing in River Tenojoki to Parliament

17.11.2022 13.25
The government proposal to ban salmon fishing in the River Tenojoki (Tana) in 2023 was submitted to Parliament at the government plenary session on Thursday 17 November 2022. Salmon fishing in the River Tenojoki is to be prohibited in order to enable the recovery of the salmon stocks.

Instructions of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry concerning seasonal workers no longer in force 

1.7.2022 10.06
The instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry ‘Safe entry of seasonal primary production workers into Finland – instructions for employers’ are no longer applicable. However, the updated guidelines of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare on hygiene related to COVID-19 must be complied with.

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