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Further development of MHS-digi (Electronic system of forest management recommendations, MHSDigi 2.0)


Tapio Oy




The aim of the project is to improve the utilization of best practices for sustainable forest
management based on research data by improving the existing digital service. The project will
ensure the overall sustainability of forest management and adaptation to climate change and its
effects. The digital system is an efficient platform for the use and distribution of renewable
climate-sustainable best practices.

The project is developing the MHSDigi service. The project builds the target priorities and
decision-making levels of forest management into the system as new content types. There are
three levels of forest management decision-making: strategic, tactical and operational. The
structure of the content of the best practices is clarified at the decision-making levels. The best
practices provide various target emphases that will be built into the system in this development
work. These include overall sustainability, economy, nature, recreation and carbon sequestration
and carbon storage. The user of the best practices has precise access according to their goal
priorities to support decision-making.

The interface is being developed so that all search content that meets the search criteria can be
searched using different search criteria. In this case, the search may result in various alternative
best practices for the items.

The needs of users guide the development work. The wishes and experiences of the users about
the usability of the system and the content of the best practices are regularly collected by
organizing workshops. Analytics is built to monitor the use of the interface.

Further information

Kati Kontinen, Leading expert,