• Strategies and programmes »

    There are different strategies and programmes to secure the conditions for recreational fishing, commercial fisheries and the management of fishing waters.

  • Key legislation »

    The key objective of the Finnish Fishing Act is to regulate fishing rights and methods, the management of fish stocks and the fisheries administration in terms of the use and management of fish resources.

  • E-services in the fisheries administration »

    E-services in the fisheries administration

  • Recreational fishing »

    Finland provides great opportunities for catching different species of fish in varying environments. Each year, some 1.5 million people fish in Finnish waters.

  • Fisheries industry »

    The fisheries industry value chain includes entrepreneurs and businesses operating in commercial fishing, aquaculture, fish processing and fish trade.

  • Fishing restrictions and management of fish resources »

    Angling with a hook and line, jigging, ice-fishing and lure fishing under a provincial lure fishing fee are so-called general fishing rights. However, even these forms of fishing are subject to certain restrictions.