Sub-committee on agriculture and food (EU18)

The key forum for forming a coordinated Finnish position on agricultural affairs under consideration in EU institutions is the EU affairs sub-committee on agriculture and food. The sub-committee is also known as the EU18 sub-committee and it meets almost weekly. The sub-committee include both public servants and representatives of different stakeholders.
The EU18 sub-committee has several advisory sub-committees specialising in EU affairs in the fields listed below. 

Advisory sub-committees

  • veterinary affairs
  • wine and alcohol affairs
  • seed and plant propagation material
  • plant health
  • plant protection products
  • fertilisers and substrates
  • feeds
  • organic production

Contact details

chair Director General of the Food Department Minna-Mari Kaila
vice-chair Ministerial Adviser Osmo Rönty
secretary Ministerial Adviser Sanna-Helena Fallenius
secretary Senior Specialist Laura Uusitalo

Email addresses: