Aids and subsidies

The purpose of the aids and subsidies is to secure the production of domestic food and reasonable consumer prices and maintain production and rural viability in all parts of the country. Market prices cover only a part of the production costs of agriculture that are exceptionally high in Finland, which is why additional support is needed for the production to continue in the northern conditions.

The aids and subsidies contribute to the preservation and creation of jobs in the countryside and elsewhere in the society that are based on the raw materials, products and services produced in the rural areas. Under the Rural Development Programme support may be granted to entrepreneurs in all sectors and rural communities. Among the objectives of the support is also to preserve natural environments and habitats created and shaped by agricultural activities.

The aids and subsidies always involve certain conditions that need to be complied with. There are control and checking procedures in place with regard to the eligibility and conditions for the aid. The administration is being controlled as well

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