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Long time – no see? Apply for SNS-EFINORD networks!

We like collaboration! In particular, we like northern European collaboration. Our Nordic forests and our environment need collaboration –

between researchers with cutting edge knowledge about how to take care of the environment and how our forests can be kept healthy and productive. Our contribution is this call! Topics can vary from bioeconomy related issues to ecosystem services and climate change, it is up to you!
This year, the budget of the call is 1 000 000 SEK, so if you would like to arrange a conference, produce a large-scale project application, access joint research facilities or design a workshop, apply for funding from SNS and EFINORD!
To be funded you need to gather people from six different countries, the network must be gender balanced and you need to have additional funding corresponding of at least 50% of the total budget. Have a look at our websites for detailed information: SNS and EFINORD
We are eagerly awaiting your application until midnight, June 1st!
We would be grateful if you could help us spread the word about this grant. Attached to this email you find a poster with more information that can be printed and distributed or posted in your corridor. If you know of someone who might be interested in this call, please forward this email to them. Also attached are more details about the call and the application form.
Please contact [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] if you have any questions.
Best regards
Nordic Forest research (SNS)