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NKJ Call for activities 2018–2019: Digitization

Do you need to interact and exchange knowledge and research results with colleagues? Do you want to arrange a conference in a subject that is your passion?

NKJ (Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural and Food Research) makes a call for researcher networks, especially those working with digitization of agriculture. The focus of the call is on how utilization of digitization can contribute to sustainable management of biological resources, increased competitiveness and reduced climate impact from primary production, but networks can be funded without this focus.

Network grants are for maximum 2 years and approximately 200 000 SEK. Self-financing of at least 50% is required. The main applicant need to be a researcher/communicator at a research institution/organization and supplemented by at least two additional applicants from other Nordic countries. The network must include researchers or research groups from at least three of the Nordic countries.

NKJ encourages and provides support to joint Nordic cooperation within agriculture and food research, including forestry and fishery.The main stakeholders in NKJ are the Nordic Council of Ministers, the national research councils and the national ministries responsible for agricultural and food research, as well as Nordic researchers within agriculture, forestry, food and fishery.

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