Advisory Councils

In the field of plant protection, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has established an advisory council under the Act on Protecting Plant Health and the Act on Plant Protection Products.

The tasks of the councils include monitoring developments in the field, providing statements, and submitting proposals and initiatives on relevant issues. The councils consist of members representing various stakeholders in the field of plant protection, including research institutes, advisory organisations, enterprises, producers and the administration.


Tove Jern, johtava asiantuntija 
maa- ja metsätalousministeriö, Ruokaosasto, Elintarviketurvallisuusyksikkö 0295162318  

Taina Sahin, erityisasiantuntija 
maa- ja metsätalousministeriö, Ruokaosasto, Eläin- ja kasvinterveyden yksikkö 0295162160